Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joel Henriques is one rad Dad.  He’s a stay at home dad, artist, designer, crafter, blogger and is super genius. He designs and creates toys and crafts with his three year old twins. His ideas are often crafted from common household items and materials. He sews, paints, draws, saws, sands, embroiders and more. I love the megasimple nature of his crafts and toys.  He is currently working on a book about toy & craft making and I’m looking forward to its debut.  Click on pictures to take you to each project on his website.Made_By_Joel_Box_Aquarium_5JH_Doll_House_Furniture_1Made_by_Joel_Cereal_Box_Marble_Run_1

Joel’s art is featured on his art website found here.  He creates modern still lifes and abstracts.
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Check out this time elapsed video showcasing the creation of these three owl paintings.  I love time elapsed videos showing how things are done. Don’t you?

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