Monday, December 21, 2009

What’s in a name?

The blogosphere has inspired me to join in. I’ll be highlighting all that I appreciate about the Midwest and the opportunity it brings for a simple Midwestern life.  As I contemplated the name of this blog the conversation with my husband went something like this…

Me:     “Which name to you like the best?”

Kent:  “I think Off the Beaten Path is out, but I like Megasimple.”

Me:    “I think it should be Megasimple…because we want to be.”

Kent:   “How about Megasimple…because I am.”

Me:     “Am I simple?”

Kent:   “What IS simple?”

His question/statement was endearing and made me laugh.  Kent definitely has simple down a little better than me.

Megasimple it is.  Although we both are aware and have experienced life that isn’t always megasimple, we do our best not to intentionally complicate it.  It’s a goal.

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