Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Iced Mocha Perfected

I heart an iced mocha, our breville espresso maker and the guy that knows how to use it.  I told Kent I was going to post about my favorite kitchen appliance.  He said, “There is nothing megasimple about the breville.”  I replied, “It’s megasimple to me.”  One of the things I appreciate about Kent is that he will experiment, test, retest and fiddle with an appliance and recipe until it is perfected.  All I have to do is be the taste tester.  It’s a sweet job.  He’s offered several times to show me how it works, but I’ve strategically declined.  It was a pricey investment, but worth every penny since we are approximately 50 miles from the nearest Starbucks.  Kent’s persistence has certainly paid off and it’s like we have a Starbucks right in our own kitchen!


Kent’s Iced Mocha Recipe
2 shots of espresso
2 T starbucks mocha powder
2 T hot water
1/2 c. skim milk

  1. 1. Make espresso
    2. Mix mocha powder+hot water=
    ….chocolate syrup
    3. Mix espresso, syrup and milk
    4. Pour over ice and add whipped cream

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