Friday, June 17, 2011

A Reverse Summer List

cornflake dreams
While doing a little Google research on lists/list making,I came across a super cool blog, Cornflake Dreams, by Jillian.  This is her summer bucket list. Sounds fun and so pretty too.

Are you a list maker/crosseroffer? Don’t you find satisfaction with crossing items of a list? The cross off signifies accomplishment, but also comes with expectation.

I’m reversing the list making process for summer. Instead of listing everything I want to do and crossing it off, I’m adding things to my list as I go that have already been completed. The only expectation is that I have a list that portrays a summer lived purposefully and well. 

Do  you have a summer bucket list? Anyone else want to make a reverse summer list?

It’s only June 15th, but I think my summer has been one of the best yet! Here is the start of my Summer on Purpose List…

Pelotonia Garage Sale #1
50 mile bike ride
Pelotonia Garage Sale #2
Michael Buble Concert
Planted a vegetable garden and an herb garden
Family weekend together for Alex and Morgan’s graduations!
Mud Hens Game


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