Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I’ll be skipping Fat Tuesday because we had Fat Monday.  We took my nephews out for Five Guys and Coldstone.  Have you had Five Guys? The menu is pretty simple with mostly burgers and fries. The burgers are really good and the fries are made from whole real potatoes. Sammy’s favorite part was eating the free peanuts from the shell while we waited for our food.  If you visit their website do not look at the nutritional information.  I repeat…do NOT look at the nutritional information. It is a perfect joint for Fat Tuesday.  We ended the evening at Coldstone, or frozenstone as Sammy kept calling it. 

Do you have any Fat Tuesday traditions/plans?

Happy Fat Tuesday!


  1. I didn't know we were anywhere near a 5 Guys....

  2. We LOVE 5 Guys! It's one of the few places the 4 of us can eat for $20. We're blessed with several locations around here. Our first time eating at one was in the Outer Banks though. We were hooked!