Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morgan is my Fave

So recently I’ve been contemplating this blog. Do I keep going? Do I let it go? Do I start that other blog I’ve been considering? Do I do both?  Last week, I told Morgan, my little sister, that I had a bad case of blogger block and I was thinking about dumping it.  Then we went on our “meet Ree” adventure and I continued to blog and did another giveaway.  She texted me last night…

Morgan: “R u still having blogger mid life crisis or did the giveaway pump u back up?”

Me: “Umm well…I’ve got nothing to post for tomorrow?.

Morgan: “Umm…All ab how ur little sister is ur fave-DUH”

Me: “OK…I’ll work on a post about you and I’m including that last text…verbatim."

Morgan: “Fo reals?”

Me: “Fo reals.”

Morgan: “Ballerrr. Don’t make me sound like a dooooohdahhh.”

Me: “The more you text the longer my post keeps getting.”



Why Morgan is My Fave

10. She wrecked her mo-ped 20 minutes after she got it and Pop called her Sarah Fisher and she cried a lot on her birthday.
9. She ran over Alex’s mo-ped with our Pop’s truck and wedged it under another truck the day after Alex found someone to buy it from him.
8. She holds the world record for owning, losing and spilling buttered noodles on an infinite number of cell phones.
7. She is a third wheel in the best way.
6. She is a social butterfly that can and will talk with anyone about anything.
5.  She is very happy and sings…Haaaaaapppy Hooooolidays even when it’s not the holidays.
4. She uses the word “whoopasies”…daily.
3. She’s a misfit. She owns it. She laughs at herself. Refer to #10,#9 &#8.
2. Despite the spectacular display of literary composition in her texts, she’s extremely smart and is graduating early this Spring from college and has job offers coming in. 
1. She is the most well rounded, solidly grounded and light hearted girl I know.

And…those are just 10, among many, of the reasons she’s my fave.


  1. Both blogs, please! Love to follow blogs and nice to know the blogger! Enjoy your family's humor, stories and the ideas you have. Naomi saw your Pioneer Woman post and asked me how you get to go to all of these places...thanks for sharing your experiences! Oh, what's Morgan doing in the pics? Agree that she is a neat girl!

  2. Awww love the sisterly love AND love Morgan:)

  3. Why Morgan is my "Fave" as well;

    1. I can't help but be happy when she's around.

    2. Her smile is infectious.

    3. She's so stinking cute I can't stand it.

  4. Morgan is my fave too! Meg-Let me know next time you have bloggers block I am sure your readers want to know why I am your second fave sister! bahahahaha I crack myself up:) We love you Mo! I would love to give sammy a set of twins for siblings when he is 12 but that would make me 42..oh I guess it is possible.. that didn't quite work out the way I thought it was going to!lol You and Alex are the best ever!!!

  5. Seriously Morgan, how cute are you?
    And Megan... please don't stop blogging! :)