Monday, August 27, 2012

Final NYC Trip Recap

Mara gave us some great recommendations for restaurants and things to do while we were in NYC.  Our last night there we went to the famous Carnegie Deli where we shared the “Woody Allen”. Best pastrami and corned beef sandwich ever! There is a reason they are famous for it.  It is so huge that there is really no way to eat it like a sandwich, but we hadn’t eaten all day and managed to nearly demolish the whole thing.  We washed it down with a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake. I don’t typically order dessert, but we ate it because our mom loves cheesecake and would have been very disappointed if we passed up the best cheesecake in NYC.  At least that’s how we justified paying ten dollars for one piece of cheesecake.  It was totally worth it.
After dinner, it had started to sprinkle on and off so we decided we would try to get last minute tickets to a Broadway show.  The only tickets left for Wicked were 159.00.  While we were both under budget for our trip, we weren’t quite that much under budget! Luckily there were more affordable tickets left for Mama Mia and we got really great seats just 15 minutes before the show started.  It was the perfect end to our first trip to NYC.
Friday morning we planned to fly out of NYC to Columbus to meet up with our whole family for Pelotonia 2012, but unfortunately there were storms in the NYC area. After 7 hours of multiple delays, cancellations, rebookings and more cancellations the only option offered was a flight out on Sunday morning.  We were not about to miss the first weekend this year that our whole family would be together.
After a comedy of errors involving Emily and I both booking rental cars from different companies and a “who’s on first” conversation about which car we were taking, we found ourselves in a Camry headed out of the Hertz parking on a road trip to Columbus.  It was a long 12 hour trip, but we made it to Columbus safely at 2:12AM.  We missed the Pelotonia opening ceremony and our niece Zoe’s birthday party, but we were so happy to be in Columbus for the rest of the weekend. More to come on Pelotonia. It gets better and better every year.

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