Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brene Brown on Katie Couric {Thursday}


Brene Brown will be on the new Katie Couric show tomorrow talking about her new book Daring Greatly!  I’ve already started it and it’s so good.  The book trailer gives you a glimpse of Brene and all the good stuff you’ll find in Daring Greatly.  Click on this link to see the Daring Greatly Book Trailer from Brené Brown on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to see the show again.  Yes, again! I was in the audience with my sister, Emily and my new blogging friend, Mara. I posted about our experience here. I’ve got my DVR set and wonder if I’ll be able to see us. If you plan to watch, we sat right in the middle about four rows up.


Check out Brene’s Blog to see how she is celebrating launch week. You can download all the Daring Greatly manifesto posters here for free! I’ve printed some of them to hang in my office. Aren’t they great?  Although I’m not a parent, I love the parenting manifesto!  As an Aunt and former educator,  I feel like this manifesto speaks to me too. I’ve linked all the posters so just click on each one to download your own.

DaringGreatly-ParentingManifesto2-16x20 DaringGreatly-ParentingManifesto2-16x20

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  1. Very excited! I am setting the show to record now. :) ~toni