Monday, February 1, 2010

Panini Maker and Turkey/Avocado Panini

We were given this panini maker, by Villaware, as a wedding gift.  We use it all the time. It may be the most used kitchen appliance we own.  We’ve found you can put about anything in a panini making it a quick and easy lunch or dinner. If you don’t have a panini maker you can still make paninis by grilling them with a foil covered brick on top to weigh the paninis down. I read that somewhere.  Below is one of my new favorites. panini maker
Ingredients: Sour dough bread, olive oil, turkey, colby jack cheese, cream cheese, tomato and avocado.IMG_0340
Slice the bread about 1/2 an inch thick.IMG_0384
Spray the outside of each piece with olive oil.IMG_0438
Spread cream cheese on each side, add turkey and sliced avocado.IMG_0453
Add sliced tomato.IMG_0456
Add colby jack cheese or whatever cheese you have on hand.IMG_0458
Put top on and place in panini maker. IMG_0463
Close panini press and grill until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown.IMG_0471
This sandwich is just as good without the turkey too!


  1. Wait -is that your wedding band w/ your engagement ring? Did you find it?

    Wow... it's only 10:43 - but I'm really hungry now - great visuals w/ your post. :)

  2. That looks so good!!! Can we just place orders??