Monday, February 8, 2010

Stella Leona XOXO

Now this is a box of chocolates!  Isn’t it gorgeous?! The hand painted heart box is made of dark chocolate and is filled with one Cranberry White Chocolate Truffle surrounded by four Dark Raspberry Chocolate pieces . . . my favorite.  This heart also comes in a milk chocolate version. 

stella leona

I love to see how things are made. Below you can view two video clips where the owner of Stella Leona, Nancy Bontrager, demonstrates how the heart box and dark raspberry chocolates are created!



  1. I saw that today. Go Stella Leona's! Pretty neat to FINALLY hear things about the other viewing area (not just Toledo). I wasn't sure Toledo stations knew there were other towns out there.

  2. I love Stella Leona! I want some orange glazed pecans, chocolate covered bacon! And this beautiful heart with the raspberry filled choocolates would be nice too!

  3. someone (ie, sisters) can FEEL FREE to send me the raspberry chocolates! MY FAV! i dont even need the pretty chocolate box... the chocolates will be just fine for me:)