Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organization 2011 Project {1} Coat Closet

Better organization is one of my 2011 goals. I started with a small project, the coat closest. This closet is at the bottom of our stairs in our family room and had gotten all little out of control with stuff.  It is hard to ignore because it doesn’t have a door.   Here are the steps I took from start to finish to complete this small project.

1. Remove everything and sort in piles.
2. Sort each pile further into STAY or GO.
3. Sort each STAY pile to decide if it was going back in the closet or to the attic for storage.
4. Clean closet top to bottom before refilling.
5. Purchased three baskets at Target for 1)games 2)hats mittens and scarves 3)blankets. Purchased 2 packs of wood hangers at IKEA for 3.99/ea.

Over 60% of the junk is this closet made it in the GO pile. It feels good to get rid of clutter. I like starting with small projects. It makes me motivated to tackle another organization project.  The next one is going to take a little more time.


  1. Looks so nice...the new hangers from Ikea look great and I love the baskets. So thankful my closets have doors!

  2. Love the before and after! I LOVE to organize and have been doing a lot of it around our house this year so far, too. I'll even find Naomi tidying up an area, her bedroom, the toys...on her own. Gotta love that kind of help!