Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrift Store Score {2}

I’m thrifting more these days as part of our money saving plan. I found this Old Navy Vest for 3.00 last week. My little sister, Morgan, modeled it for me while she was home over Christmas break.  I’ve got her hooked on thrifting too! If all goes as planned she’ll be moving into her first ‘real’ apartment after she graduates this Spring. She’s got a new plan to furnish/decorate it by thrifting as much as she can.

Are there any thrifters out there? Have you had any luck with Ebay or Craigslist? Got any thrifting tips?

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  1. You two should go on one of Jay's Grandma Evelyn's tours. She runs Evelyn's Excursions out of Pioneer and takes bus tours. Two of her daughters are huge thrifters for crafting purposes, so they have been taking a day tour up to Michigan which abounds with thrifts stores. I went on one of the thrift store trips this summer to search for classroom stuff, we hit a bunch of stores in one day! They do a trip that hits tons of small thrift stores and then one that hits the huge warehouse thrift stores like salvation army. Thought you and Morgan might be interested in that, to look for aparment stuff :-) They are fun and I'm sure you guys would make it a blast!