Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wifetastic Chore Wars

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Shortly after the holidays there was a silent war going on in our house. We were having The Silent Dishwasher War XII.  Who is going to unload and load…again?  We were both holding out without mentioning it to the other. 

One day passed. Two days passed. On the third day, I came downstairs and much to my surprise, I found the the war was still on.  The dishwasher was still full of clean dishes waiting to be unloaded and the sink had been filled to the brim with dirty dishes.  I wasn’t about to lose, so ate my eggs with a spoon.

The third night I finally broke the silence. I told Kent, “We both know the dishwasher war is on and I’m sorry, but you don’t stand a chance.”  I continued, “I ate my eggs with a spoon this morning and I am prepared to drink my coffee from a measuring cup if I have to.”  He laughed.  Offering no other response, I knew this meant he intended to continue the war. And he did.

The truth of the matter is that on day four I came home for a quick lunch and I unloaded and loaded the stinkin’ dishwasher.  Not because I wanted a fork, not because the kitchen was starting to smell, but because I felt sorry for Kent. Although I was impressed that he made it to day four, he just didn’t stand a chance. I can win the dishwasher war EVERY time.  So I let him win.

Do you have any chore wars at your house?


  1. With as many kids as Kelly and I have we both win the war and just make them do it.

  2. My house is in a silent chore war as I type this. The problem is that at this point, I may be the only one that knows. Soon, very, very soon, they will see what's building up around them. I REFUSE to cave this time!

  3. While reading this post, I had a secret moment of joy when I read that you too have occasional piles of dirty, stinky dishes in your sink. I take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one, that I may, after all, be normal.

  4. Ha! piles... let me tell you about piles. One time a few years ago I was at megasimples house and she had megapiles of paper all over the dining room table and living room! DING DONG... yep the doorbell rings! Megan scrambles around the the house grabbing piles and shoving them in various place like her office (that is behind and under the sofa) After all that, who ever was at the door did not end up coming in! Kent said, "it might be easier just to put the sofa on the kitchen table next time" I have never laughed so hard!

  5. EMILY! Commenter foul! I decide what I reveal about my wifetasticness! And for the record everyone...I've moved my office. My new couches do not have any space to "work" under. Thank you very much.

  6. HAHA! I forgot that was when you had the pineapple couches! That's right megasimple readers, couches with pineapples all over them! Okay...I should say when Kent had the pinapple couches:) Maybe you should post a before and after post of the living room!

  7. Megan - Crystal told me I had to inform you about my 'silent war' with Ryan. What I like to call our 'battle of the wills'. Ours is over taking out the garbage - equally stinky to your dish washing war. Once the garbage is full we will begin piling trash on top of the garbage can until someone finally takes it out. Unfortunately, I am no match for Ryan, who seems to have no sense of smell or urgency when it comes to taking garbage out of our home. Thoroughly enjoyed your story!

  8. Katie - Thanks for sharing. I had a feeling other couples might have similar wars. Battle of the Wills they are!