Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabin Fever

I spent the morning at Cabin Fever in Defiance working on some blog posts while Kent researched ellipticals.  Kent wanted to look into purchasing an elliptical and I’m feeling a sense of urgency to buy one before we start the financial peace university in a couple weeks  Clearly I need this course. 
cabin_fever_coffee_logo coffee beans cabin fever
Back to Cabin Fever. It is quiet and they have free wifi. Check out the menu here. There are two locations in Defiance. I enjoyed a mocha and Kent had a cup of the dark roast coffee.  We’ll definitely come back.


  1. Love it Megan! I wish an elliptical was the only thing I was buying before the course. I need to figure out how to pay for a kitchen remodel before the course!!!

  2. I certainly hope that this financial course does not discourage you from buying items you WANT (this goes for both you and Linds)! That makes life no fun at all! I LOVE Cabin Fever! A small I group I meet with from my MBA program have met there a couple times on Sunday afternoons to work on projects together.

  3. Thanks for the post! I was in Defiance with my Mom over the holidays and was wishing for some GOOD coffee. I'll have to check this joint out on my next jaunt home :)