Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods

For our 6th anniversary we went to Hocking Hills and rented an Old Man’s Cave Chalets A-frame cabin.  We did the same thing last year and couldn’t wait to go back.  It was a very relaxing long weekend. IMG_7412 
The hiking in Hocking Hills is really beautiful.  We only hiked one day because it was a rainy weekend. Below is a picture of Cedar Falls and Ash Cave.IMG_0205 IMG_0229 We didn’t mind that it was rainy because our cabin had a fireplace and hot tub. I spent a majority of the weekend in front of the fire.IMG_0196
We didn’t venture too far from the cabin, but did make it into Athens to visit my sister at Ohio University. It was great to be back in Athens and hit some of my favorite spots.  Bagel Street Deli is always a must when I’m in Athens.  They write the menu on chalkboards.  I like chalkboard menus. Chalkboard menus are a good sign.  A sign that you are about to eat some of the best deli sandwiches ever.IMG_1238  
The brick walls are covered in chalk name drawings along with tiny sculptures, made from the foil bagel wrappers, nestled in between the bricks. 
If you ever get the chance to go…I highly recommend the Wendy’s Way (smoked turkey, cream cheese avocado,sprouts) or a Fowl Shot (turkey, veggie cream cheese, provolone, sprouts, spicy mustard). IMG_1254
After you have a bagel head on down Court Street and check out the amazing organization called Passion Works.  Passion Works is a premier art studio that supports collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities. In one stop you can visit the art studio…IMG_1328 
the gallery and…
the retail shop.  I love the passion flowers.  They are made from recycled aluminum. I wanted to buy something and decided on a string band onsie for my nephew.
The front window is a work of art.  We starred at it for awhile on our way out.IMG_1331
Then we headed over to another local favorite, Casa Nueva for some guacamole and a salsa sampler.  Casa Nueva is a worker owned cooperative.  I like that concept.  Learn more about them here. IMG_1301

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  1. Great Post Sister! It was so nice to see you both. Thanks soo much for all of the hookups over the weekend and for letting Rix and I crash the anniversary celebrations. (speaking of that, you forgot to post about the Pigskin 6th anniversary celebratory basket of french fries! duh! ) All of my friends loved meeting you guys too. :)

    ps. -- you forgot to post about the Coldstone Challenge! baaahahaha