Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking On Snow

We went snowshoeing for the first time this weekend in Michigan.  We used snowshoes that were handmade by Kent’s dad.  It’s true.  If you can walk you can snowshoe and it proved to be very good exercise.  It was really cold, but it didn’t take long to warm up after we started down a trail in the woods. Go here for a first timers guide to snowshoeing.  IMG_1228 
Snow shoes in front of the cabin.

IMG_6959  IMG_6985  IMG_6993
We came back to the cabin and made a fire and coffee.  Kent called for cabin service (aka I’ve got the best mother-in-law in the world)! IMG_6967  IMG_7001 Within five minutes a hot pot of chicken noodle soup was delivered to the cabin.  My mother-in-law is thoughtful like that.  We are definitely looking forward to snowshoeing again.

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