Monday, August 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s time.  I need to learn to use my camera.  Kent bought this camera for me over a year ago. (Real Wifetastic…I just had to ask him what kind of camera I have so I could find an accurate picture of it.)Canon%20450D
This weekend, I sifted through hundreds of photos. No really, HUNDREDS of photos I took that look like this…

(Warning…no need to get your glasses or adjust your screens.)
and this…
this… IMG_2560
who could forget this…Grandpa’s 89th…nice.IMG_2510 
and most recently this… 
and last, but not least…this.
Hard to believe I’m married to a photographer isn’t it?!

These blurry, over exposed, poorly posed, disastrously lit images all reveal one thing that is crystal clear…I don’t have a clue how to use this camera.

I think it might be painful at times for Kent to see me with my camera.  He’s eager to teach me something…anything about photography.  Fine. Ok. Uncle! My pictures stink.  I’ll take lessons.

I’ve requested short and frequent lessons vs. long and infrequent lessons.  You see, my attention span for learning technical things like photography is that of a flea.  This should be interesting. 

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  1. Ben's poppers made the blog! Good luck with your lessons!