Monday, August 2, 2010


june_cleaver Do you ever do anything and feel really wifetastic?  Last week, I said to Kent, “I know this is totally wifetastic and we’ve lived here for 7 years, but do we have a broom?”  Then I recalled my other real wifetastic moment last week.  Monday morning after Kent went to work I sent him this text…

                              “Need coffee. Please send directions.” 

And you know what…he sent me the directions and I made coffee all by myself and I’m getting really good at it.

I go back to work full time today.  That in itself always brings my wifetasticness to a new level or would it be depth? Anyway…this could become a reoccurring post topic.

PS - Someone, anyone…please comment with something wifetastic you did recently? I mean other people do wifetastic things too…right?


  1. It is too early for me to think of anything "wifetastic" that I have done. However, I had to comment because this post is HILARIOUS! Love it!

  2. I made it thru 6 years of all-nighters at design school as well as the first year of my baby boy's life without becoming a coffee drinker. Now suddenly I need it everyday, but do I know how to make it? NO!