Friday, August 13, 2010

Zoe Fest 2010

My whole family spent some time together in Rehoboth Delaware over the weekend.  It was our first ever family vacation together.  We’ve all vacationed, but  never all 6 siblings together.  It was fun and I hope it becomes tradition. We coined our trip Zoe Fest 2010 because my niece Zoe turned one while we were there.  We don’t get to see her enough so I think we are going to need a Zoe Fest every year!
IMG_0489 IMG_6703
My sister made two banana cream cakes for Zoe’s birthday party and they were delicious. 


  1. I hope you guys had fun! Too bad we couldn't meet up:(

  2. oh she is just so sweet. :) Glad you all got together and had a fun time.