Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Megasimple Money Saving Tips {1-3}

I haven’t written about saving money since there are blogs out there dedicated to the topic, but I’m going to share some megasimple money saving ideas, tips resources and recipes that can add up to considerable savings. 

Tip {1} Follow money saving blogs.  Two of my favorites are and

Tip {2} Have a money saving plan.  We took the Dave Ramsey course and it gave us direction and helped us develop a budget and a “get out of debt” plan.

Tip {3} Eat in.  This is a tough one for us and our goal is to eat in “more”. I did figure out that the megasimple breakfast I posted about on Monday calculated out to cost .74 cents/serving. That’s motivating to me to know how much cheaper that breakfast was than what I would have ordered in a restaurant.

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