Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Friday

Love this commission project by artist Paul Ferney!


Halloween Drinks by Martha.

Pumpkin Carving and decorating ideas by Martha.

Cake Pops
by Bakerella.

You haven’t tried ice cream until you’ve tried Jeni’s Ice cream.

Picture from Jeni’s Website.

This ice cream is like non other and has recently been named, by The Food Network, as one of America’s best! The flavors are unique and this ice cream is more about the flavor than the sweetness.  The portion sizes are perfect; not to big and not too small.  The customer service is exceptional and they give out tiny spoon sized samples of anything you want to try.  They actually encourage you to try before you buy.

Jeni’s is produced in small batches and is a family owned and operated company that puts stock in using local “fresh ingredients found in the Ohio Countryside” as well as “responsibly raised exotics from around the world” per Jeni’s website.  It’s produced from raw fresh ingredients with a local conscious in mind. That makes me like it even more. 

Visit Jeni’s blog for more about this awesome company!

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