Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

We went away to a much needed retreat in Pennsylvania this weekend.  It was so relaxing. This was my favorite view.
 IMG_3132 This was a prayer labyrinth perched on top of a hill overlooking my favorite view.
IMG_3052 IMG_3090
We got lost on this hike. Really lost for over two hours and yes, we had a trail map.  It. didn’t. help.  But that was ok because the hike was beautiful. It was good exercise and we cracked up laughing at texts being sent to us from people sitting in a cozy dining hall enjoying lunch. Texts like…”Do you have a trumpet?”  and “Whip out your ipad and use it as a flashlight.”IMG_3205 
We made a pit stop on our way home and hung out with these boys.  No better way to end a weekend! Then we came home and there were mice in our house which totally shot my nerves and now I need another retreat!


  1. Wow! Pics are so beautiful, I can only imagine how relaxing it is to be there in person. Glad to know it was the mice that shot your nerves and not the crazy 17 month old in the bath tub. haha! Funny you didn't mention the MEGA Simple Mega yummy dinner you had on your way home!

  2. Love the photos..... so glad you guys came to PA!
    Oh my word... I can't believe those people sending you guys texts. :-)