Friday, December 3, 2010

Elf on the Shelf

Have you seen Elf on the Shelf?  It’s a story about an Elf that watches little boys and girls and reports to the North Pole every night on their behavior. I recently bought this book for my nephews. Along with the book comes a little Elf. They love trying to find their elf every morning.  Sammy’s not so sure this is real and told his mom, “The elf has flat sticker eyes…that means…not real.”  Even though he is a bit skeptical he still has fun finding his Elf every morning.  Learn more about the Elf on the Shelf here.


  1. Love this idea, we have something similar called Christopher pop in kins ( our girls love finding him too!

  2. LOVE Elf on a shelf! Corey Smith tweeted about his kids' yesterday!

  3. Yess! You have to name the Elf and Sammy named is "Jumpy" hahaha!!!!! It is a fun tradition, one that we will carry on for years to come!