Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Projects

I’ve been thinking up some holiday projects and here is a little peak.  I’m hoping this post will get me motivated to get some of them going so I can blog about the final products.  Do you like these mini dessert dishes? I’m jumping on the mini dessert/tasting craze and have been researching recipes to fill these up.113010-020   113010-023     113010-029 113010-031   113010-034   113010-037 113010-038  113010-040 
This post is probably a little ambitious considering all the different fabrics and the fact that I don’t know how to sew, but I think the projects I’m imagining are megasimple even for a non sewer. We will see.

I also need to figure out what we are sending out for Christmas cards this year.  I’m hoping maybe we can add that to the project list and design our own.


  1. I'm really liking the mini dessert concept! I also LOVE these fabrics and can't wait to hear what you plan to do with them!

  2. I have an idea for your dessert cups! I was GLUED to Bakerella's site yesterday for over an hour! ... maybe we can do some testing out for christmas eve din din?