Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Megasimple 2010 Wrap Up Week {Post 3}

This week I’m going to be wrapping up 2010 by re-posting 4 of my most read posts followed up with a megasimple “year in review” post on Friday.  This will give me some time plan and gear up for megasimple 2011!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. See you back here Jan. 3rd!

Piada – A Restaurant Review

{reposted from 09/07/2010}

I love an extra long weekend and ours started early. We left on Thursday for a quick overnight trip to Columbus to attend the Ohio State Buckeyes opening football game. Included on the agenda was a trip to Piada, a new Columbus restaurant that my sister, Morgan, has been raving about.webphoto_thumb2 
Saturday we visited Piada for lunch. It is an Italian Street Food restaurant that can be compared to Chipotle in regards to ordering procedure and complete freshness of ingredients, but it definitely has its own original and authentic Italian twist.  The menu is quite self explanatory and takes you through the 5 step ordering process.


A piada, also called a piadina, is a wrap-like sandwich built on thin-crust, stone-cooked dough that is stuffed with pastas, meats, cheeses, sauce and vegetables. The chef created my Piada to my own liking with angel hair, chicken, pesto, lettuce and tomatoes. My piada was generously stuffed with the perfect blend of my favorite ingredients. I also had a cheese Piada stick with a parmesan dipping sauce. It was light and crisp and my only regret was that I didn’t bring some home.  Piada’s food quality did not disappoint; tasting equally as healthy and fresh as it looked.46405_147174351983214_13723052964426[1] The interior was modern yet comfortable with a mixture of brick, wood, stainless steel and classic signage that pulled it all together. 
Fresh, fast, affordable and unlike any of our other routine Columbus stops, I highly recommend you give it a try.  
(Photos/menu from the Piada website and face book page)

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