Monday, December 27, 2010

Megasimple 2010 Wrap Up Week {Post 1}

This week I’m going to be wrapping up 2010 by re-posting 4 of my most read posts followed up with a megasimple “year in review” post on Friday.  This will give me some time plan and gear up for megasimple 2011!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. See you back here Jan. 3rd!

Dominican Habichuelas

{reposted from 2/29/2010}

A couple of weeks ago, as we brainstormed possibilities for meatless Lenten meals, Kent recalled a dish that he had eaten everyday for three months in the Dominican Republic.  Since giving up meat for Lent, Dominican Habichuelas have become a staple in our house. On Kent’s last day in the small village, he skipped work and stayed home with his Dominican mom so he could learn how to make habichuelas.
DRphoto2_thumb2 The picture above is the kitchen where Kent learned to cook this meal.  Notice the tiny stove top/oven his mom, brother and sister are standing next to.
oldrecipe_thumb8Kent said, “I think I still have that recipe somewhere.”  I thought to myself…We have trouble locating a recipe we printed last week let alone finding one you wrote down 18 years ago while in the D.R.  Kent left the room and to my complete amazement, no more than 3 minutes later, he returned with the recipe in hand. This was for a single serving that his mom made that day.  Undoubtedly, this recipe will live on in our repertoire of favorites beyond the Lenten season. 
IMG_1521_thumb10 Ingredients: Pinto Beans, tomato paste, water, vinegar, white rice, sazon seasoning (a general Mexican seasoning mix that includes cilantro, achiote, garlic, salt), garlic and olive oil.
0224104_thumb2Drain and Rinse a large can of pinto beans.  Add 8 c. water, beans and 4T. olive oil to a large stock pot.  Boil until the beans are soft begin to crack open.
0224108_thumb8 The water will be cloudy and some of the beans will be cracked.
IMG_1543_thumb11To the stock pot  add 1.5 T. vinegar, 4T. tomato paste, 4.5t. minced garlic, 2 1/2T. of Sazon (depending on your seasoning preference) and bring back up to a boil for 30 minutes.  This is when we start to make the white rice.  We make 2c. dry rice.  Follow directions on the bag.
02241014_thumb2 After 30 minutes to liquid will have reduced down further and turned a deeper red color.  IMG_1544_thumb11 Cilantro makes a perfect garnish, but isn’t necessary.  I like to add a little sour cream on top of mine and eat it with a warm tortilla shell.  We mix the leftover rice and beans together and store for leftovers.  This reheats very well.  This meal is megasimple and megafrugal.  We estimated this makes 4-6 servings for under 3.00!

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