Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Loveleigh Again Sale

Speaking of turning your passion into your profession…after we left Red Rambler we went to Liberty Center and met another super sweet woman who has done just that: turned her passion into her profession! I think it’s really inspiring to meet these women who are living their dreams. Leigh Ann has started a business making old furniture “LoveLeigh Again”.  You can see from the pictures how talented she is.  
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We purchased the glittered “Joy” sign and it’s hanging on a door in the center of our Christmas cards.  We also purchased a small chalkboard.  We hung it in the kitchen and made a huge “to do” list on it which seemed to make us extra productive this weekend.  I told Kent I think it’s a magic chalkboard. There is just something about making a list and crossing things off as you go. Be sure to “like” Loveleigh Again on facebook so you get updates on new furniture and sales.  You can also follow her blog here.

**Photos from the Loveleigh Again facebook page.

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  1. Thanks Megan! Love my hot chocolate...I've been adding it to my coffee...yum! :)