Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Dessert {1}…for kids.

I’m easing into this mini dessert thing in a super megasimple and frugal way.  I wanted to make a dessert that my niece and nephews might enjoy this holiday season.  This is simply red and green layered jello with fresh whipped cream on top. 
These particular mini dessert dishes I picked up at a Goodwill for 25 cents each. 

2 small boxes of strawberry jello
2 small boxes of lime jello
1. Prepare one box strawberry jello per box instructions. 
2. Fill each dessert cup with 1 oz. of jello. 
3. Place in refrigerator until set. 
4. Make 1 box of lime jello per box instructions. After mixing, let it cool for a couple of minutes so it doesn’t melt the previous layer.
5. Fill each dessert cup with 1 oz. of lime jello.
6. Return to refrigerator until set. 
7.–12. Repeat steps 1-6 again until you have 4 layers.
13. Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream and serve.
Makes Approximately 17-18 4oz servings. IMG_3737
My taste testers approved.  Sammy said, “Wow, it’s a pattern!”.  When he was almost finished I said to him, “Does this get a thumbs up or thumbs down?” He said, “Aunt Meg, I don’t like it.(pause) I LOVE it!”  He was also very curious about how I layered the jelly (as he kept calling it) and asked if we could make it together sometime.

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  1. Abosolutely adaorable....the jello cups are cute too! ;) You are an awesome Auntie!