Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Holiday favorite…the mail.

I love the mail this time of year.  Christmas photo cards are my favorite. I love seeing our friends and their families grow from year to year.  I like them so much that I made an “Our Christmas Cards Album” where I save our photo cards.  IMG_0675 IMG_0683-Edit 
Our friends, the Meyers, have been sending some really unique cards every year and their card is usually the first one I receive.  I know what it’s going to look like because Kent creates them, but it is always a sign of the new holiday season.  This is their 2010 card.card
This is their 2009 card.
Do you look forward to photo cards too?


  1. Yes! I look forward to photo cards too. I also started an album of Christmas photo cards...now I know I'm in good company!
    Jo Michelson

  2. I can't believe how much older Carlee looks this year!