Monday, November 8, 2010

99th Post

This is my 99th post.  I spent some time in a super cool coffee shop this weekend brainstorming some things for the future of my blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve almost reached my goal of sticking with it for a whole year!  I’ve got so many post ideas to fit in over the next two months. You can expect to see upcoming posts about coffee, repurposed furniture, more pesto, holiday gift ideas, DIY projects and more money saving tips. Oh and I might just throw in one more wifetastic post before the year is up. I’m open for suggestions too.

I think a giveaway is long overdue and would be perfect for my 100th post.  I have no idea right now what the giveaway will be yet, but it’s going to be good…I promise! Be sure to check back tomorrow to enter! See previous giveaways here, here and here.

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