Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We made a last minute decision on Friday to head to Cincinnati for the Sanctus Real, Leeland and The Afters concert.  When we walked in my nephew said exactly what I was thinking, “Where are the chairs?”  Even though we stood for four hours it was totally worth it.  All three bands were really good! The lead singer from Sanctus real, Matt Hammitt, has a newborn son who was born with a heart defect.  You can follow his progress here.IMG_3356-Edit
Right before the guitar player from Sanctus Real went on stage, Sammy got his picture taken with him. It was definitely a high point of the evening.  It made me feel slightly redeemed after my Aunt faux pas a month or so ago.  I saw on Sanctus Real’s facebook page that the drummer was holding a drum clinic that night. It was free and for all ages.  Sammy loves to play the drums.  I quickly called my sister and told her about it.  They drove an hour to take him to the drum clinic only to get there and find out it was actually the day before!  Apparently I missed the fine print on facebook under the status that showed the status update was “yesterday”.  Lucky for me this little guy is very forgiving.


  1. So cute meg! Great pic. Love the Aunt faux pas, I hadn't heard about that one :)

  2. Great concert! so nice of the guitar player to take a guick second to make Sammy's day!!!! I love this pic, he was so excited and nervous too!