Tuesday, November 2, 2010

megasimple money saving tips {4-6}

Tip {4} Shop goodwill. That’s it. Right now is the perfect time to shop goodwill for kids’ snow pants and boots.  Last week, I stopped and bought snow pants for my nephew.  They look brand new and were only $2.29!

Tip {5} Use your library.  I used to buy a lot of magazines and books and those add up quickly both in cost and clutter.  Our library also has movies and cds which is a big money saver too.

Tip {6} Refinance! Mortgage rates are so low right now.  We’ve been procrastinating refinancing for awhile which has worked out well since the rates keep dropping. Finally, my procrastination comes in handy! 

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I’d love to hear any of your practical and megasimple money saving tips too!

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